Because your end WILL come.

Death happens! And it will eventually be your turn. It may even be today!

Having your affairs in order will make a world of difference for those you leave behind.

One aspect of having your affairs in order is to keep all your important documents, up-to-date in a secure, easy-to-find place that is accessible to those who will require access. Documents like;

Hidden in plain sight

You know how it goes, you think to yourself, "I need to keep this in a safe place". You get clever and put it in a 'safe place'. Months go by and you need it. But for the life of you, you can't remember where you put it. You search high & low and come up empty-handed. So you end up going through the inconvenience of dealing with it's loss, only for it to turn up when you are not looking for it.

You may think your documents will be easy to find, but are your loved ones going to be able to find them in your absence?

LifeBook – an online 'safety deposit box' for all life’s important documents. Stored in one safe place. Accessible to you and your chosen contacts from anywhere, at anytime.

It's up to you

What happens to your loved ones after your passing, is up to you right now. You can sign up to LifeBook. Get all your documents stored in a secure, easy-to-find place. Carry on with your life, knowing that this essential chore is done and dusted.

Easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

Or, you can close this web page, do nothing and your loved ones will live the consequences. Is that the END you had in mind for them?

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Why should you have a LifeBook?

What are the important documents I’ll need to have sorted for you loved ones in the event of my death?

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Is LifeBook Right for Me?

Your LifeBook, Their Peace of Mind

In the departure lounge?

Don’t you think it’s time you rang up one of your kids and got them to organise your bucket of documents with LifeBook before you kick the bucket?

Mid-life crisis?

So how chuffed is your wife going to be, when she discovers the mess you left her and the kids in, now that you’re on terminal life support after coming off your new Harley?

Young family?

So you’ve suddenly realised you have responsibilities? Be responsible. Make sure that your loved ones will be okay if something happens to you.

Young and carefree?

Loving living life on the edge and taking up less space? Just make sure you get your ducks in a row before you accidentally duck bro.

Your LifeBook, Your Peace of Mind

Don’t make their lives a bigger misery

You dying, leaves your loved ones with a lot to have to deal with. Having your affairs in disarray will make everything worse.

If you are the breadwinner, they’ll be likely stuck in limbo while the slow wheels of government turn. All you’ve worked for, may never become theirs.

They may never benefit from a life policy just because they didn't know it existed.

Getting your affairs in order may well be the biggest act of REAL LOVE you show them in your absence.

Put your important documents in a place where they can be easily found

Ever put something in a “safe” place only to forget where the “safe” place was? Then when you needed it most, you couldn’t find it? Turned the house upside down looking?

When you weren’t looking for it, it just appeared out of nowhere?

You may know where everything is and how it’s organised. But in the time after your passing, your loved ones may not be able to reconstruct your plans or even find those documents.

What is obvious to you may be a complete mystery to them. Don’t leave them guessing or not getting your provision for them.

Having a copy of your important documents in a safe place will ensure the whole picture can be reconstructed if the originals are destroyed.

Sometimes disaster strikes and your important documents are destroyed, lost or stolen.

Reconstructing that history will likely involve a lot of guess work. Leaving your loved ones to make assumptions. Having to run around, trying to piece together a puzzle with half the pieces missing and no completed picture to compare to.

They may never be able to piece it all together, suffering great loss. All because you didn’t store your documents in a safe and easy-to-find place.

Sign up for your 30 day R5 LifeBook trial today. Thereafter, R27 a month is all it’ll cost you to start preparing for the known. Your death.

Four straight-forward steps and you’ve already covered the basics. Only takes 30 minutes.

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