When it comes to your private information, LifeBook takes no shortcuts — we use the same technologies the Banks use to keep your private information secure. You can be assured the Banks spend a lot of money and time, ensuring the technologies they use, really work and are robust. We consider it best to piggyback on their investments in security and data privacy.

One Time Passwords (OTP):

A one time password is exactly that – it can only be used once, after it’s been used or if it is not used within 15 minutes, it self destructs and cannot be used.

When someone logs into LifeBook using your details, we’ll send a one time password to your device of choice (SMS or email), that has to be entered to prove that it’s really you logging in.



Industry Standard data Encryption:

Whenever you connect to the LifeBook service, all your data is encrypted using bank level security protocols. This prevents anyone snooping on your connection.

Security Questions:

Every now and then we require the user answer a question from a list of questions and answers you have set.

There are a few other proven data privacy mechanisms up our sleeves that help ensure you are protected. It’s just better that we not show all our cards.